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Amo la Casa: more than a brand, a real passion.


AmoLaCasa is a brand of Siretessile, a company founded in 1978 in Cornuda, a town in the province of Treviso, when the current president gave life to his own textile manufacturing company.

Today that small company, thanks to the energy, the passion, the commitment shared by many who have worked intensely, has become an Italian industrial reality with over 300 employees. The secret of success?

According to the Administrator there are two secrets: the strength of the team, the ability and the great qualities of the many who work together to create the excellence that distinguishes the company. And, every day, working on doing better than the previous

The Company.

The brand.

AmoLaCasa is a vast and complete textile range for the home, created to dress kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms with love.


AmoLaCasa is born from the union of style and quality.


On one hand, continuous attention to future trends gives life to products designed for a home that is always fashionable, dressed with creativity, elegance and imagination.


On the other hand, professionalism and experience ensure the quality in every step of the production cycle. This is thanks to Siretessile's thirty-year experience, which guarantees full competence in the world of fabric processing from the raw material to the finished product.


AmoLaCasa therefore means linens designed and conceived with the heart. Because we believe that passion is the true ingredient that makes the difference.


Passion for the world of fabrics and the care for details, the love for our homes.


Siretessile Group: our numbers, today.

• over 1,000,000,000 customers the world over who use our products

• 8 active production chains housed in 2 Italian plants

• 3 production plants abroad

• offices in China, India, Pakistan, Serbia, Bangladesh, USA, Spain

• 300 direct manufacturing partners

• market presence in 64 countries internationally

• 2000 clients from around the world

Expertly qualified management and a highly specialized team, dedicated to fulfilling even the most complex requests, make us the chosen supplier every year for 2000 companies from around the world.


Professionalism, passion, and an elite sales team trained in impeccable customer service, and undergoing constant training, are the distinct qualities we are known for.

To get to know us better, take a look at our company website.


Siretessile is an industrial group and a reference point which over 2000 companies around the world depend upon.

With 30 years of experience, Siretessile is structured in six independent divisions that guarantee quality solutions for the entire textile market, from raw materials to the finished product.

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The Home Textile division is where technology, innovation, research, style and creativity meet, giving life to a complete line of home linens.

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