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Incontri d'Inverno

Natale in bellezza.

When Christmas is in the air, the Incontri d'Inverno Collection, with its three different color palettes, is all you need to bring its magic in your home, creating refined and elegant environments, perfect to accompany your holidays.


Icing Sugar, with cold colors like ice white, blue and silver, evokes the charm and magic of Nordic landscapes. It is the collection for those who love to stand out, for those who have a glamorous soul and are attentive to trends!


Candy Canes has the most typical colors and patterns of Christmas: red and white. Warm and reassuring decorations, for a sweet Christmas.


Lastly, Nougat gives a Christmas with natural colors and style: splendid shades of green, delicate colors, in a palette ranging from white, hazel, gray, brown to red, will create a familiar and effective environment.


Modernity and tradition, elegance and practicality, warmth and beauty: the ideal collection for parties.

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