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Complete textile collections to dress

the house with imagination, quality and Italian style

The launch of the AmoLaCasa brand, which took place in the 1990s, was an innovation in the home textile sector: the Siretessile Group was in fact the first company to bring real

home textile collections into the aisles of large-scale distribution characterized by accurate stylistic research, high quality at a highly competitive price.

An internal graphic team composed of 2 stylists and 6 designers, collaborations with some of the best stylists in the home world, and constant journeys in every corner of the world are

ideal for translating new stimuli and ideas into collections.

Presence in the world's fashion capitals brings our style office to a continuous search for ever new trends, colors and styles.

The result is sophisticated, exclusive home textile products, created with the full knowledge that  price competitiveness is always a key ingredient for success.​

Discover our new collections

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