Who we are

A new love for your home was born with its freshness and softness

AmoLaCasa is the linen for your home: for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and garden. AmoLaCasa is all what you need to dress your home with good taste.



AmoLaCasa is the perfect marriage between style and quality.

AmoLaCasa pays special attention to the latest fashion trends for making your home always creative, elegant and trendy.

Siretessile's expertise and strong experience guarantee a high quality in each step of the production. Thanks to its 30 years experience in the production of house textile items, Siretessile follows the whole production process of the items, starting from the raw material, through the spinning, the weaving, the finishing, the packing up to the final commercialization.

AmoLaCasa means house linen made with love because we believe that passion is the real ingredient which makes the difference. AmoLaCasa is passion for the textile and for details: AmoLaCasa is the expression of love for our home.